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Windows 12 Could Arrive in 2024 as Microsoft Shifts Update Schedule

Microsoft is once again shifting the Windows update release schedule. Not long after committing to a once-a-year feature update, the company is now considering releasing a single significant update every three years with up to four smaller feature drops sprinkled in between, according to a Windows Central report. The recent shift from a twice-a-year cadence to one large update was largely well-received, given the performance issues and bugs that frequently plagued prior releases. It also meant IT admins could relax a bit and only worry about updating systems once a year. Now, Microsoft is giving itself even more time to push out “major” updates while delivering a steady flow of new features to the current Windows version. By stretching the feature release schedule to every three years, Microsoft should have enough time to work out any issues before pushing out an update that, say, causes printers to crash. The next release is reportedly scheduled for 2024, three years after the release of Windows 11. That means the (codename) Sun Valley 3 client update won’t happen next year, as previously rumored.

windows 12

Windows users might bemoan the longer wait for major updates, but it’s important to highlight that Microsoft intends to increase the rate of feature drops, or what a clever marketing team is supposedly renaming “Moments” (this term hasn’t been used publicly yet). One of these moments happened earlier this year when Microsoft moved the Weather widget to the Taskbar. The changes will reportedly start with Windows 11 version 22H2, or Sun Valley 2, which will continue the release of new features outside of major OS updates. Windows Central, citing unnamed sources, says Windows will launch these every few months, up to four times, starting in 2023. It’s not clear whether the changes will apply to Windows 10. Bringing more features exclusively to Windows 11 might entice businesses and individuals to adopt the latest OS version. At the same time, randomly pushing out updates could frustrate large corporations that manage massive fleets of laptops, tablets, and desktops.

Microsoft will hopefully clear things up if, or when, it decides to go public with this new release system. If the company is only pushing out a major release every three years, what does this mean for supporting certain versions of Windows? Will the next major update signal an entirely new OS (Windows 12)? How are companies expected to stay up-to-date on the latest features? Microsoft has yet to confirm the report, so nothing is set in stone. That said, the company said in February that it was looking into fresh ways of releasing new features for Windows and has already made minor tweaks to its appearance through randomly timed updates. While it sounds like a nightmare for businesses, I personally hope this moves forward and gives developers the scheduling flexibility required to release consistently stable updates—something Microsoft has failed to deliver in recent years.

What To Expect From Windows 12?

While there is no official confirmation, there are speculations that Microsoft is working on Windows 12. This comes after a screenshot is alleged to be accidentally shared at Ignite 2022 event. Windows 12 seems plausible and is expected to be launched in 2024. However, Microsoft is unlikely to release an official statement until the next-gen version of Windows is close to launching. A similar strategy was applied for Windows 11 which was launched in 2021. Assuming Microsoft is working on Windows 12, it makes us wonder what new features could be introduced. For better clarity, here’s what to expect from Windows 12 iso 64 bit.

Windows 12

Improved gaming – Gaming has already received a significant boost with Windows 11. Things are expected to be improved further with Windows 12. The next-gen version of Windows should be able to support the latest gaming technologies. This will allow users to play a comprehensive range of games on their Windows 12 computers. The primary aim will be to make the gaming experience on Windows PCs close to that of dedicated gaming platforms such as Xbox.

Intuitive functionsWindows 12 download could be a major leap in terms of intuitiveness. It will have better capabilities to judge user needs and respond automatically with relevant actions to ensure a seamless experience. With enhanced intuitiveness, Windows 12 will be more approachable and user-friendly. It is possible that hi-tech machine learning and AI may also be utilized to some extent to improve user interactions.

More suited for graphic design – It is a widely known fact that most designers prefer to use Mac over Windows PC. There are various reasons for this such as better font rendering and more vibrant and realistic colors. A design created on a Mac will closely match the visuals in printed format. Moreover, Macs are said to have a better Graphical User Interface (GUI) in comparison to Windows PC. Microsoft will be aiming to challenge Apple on these fronts with Windows 12 64 bit iso.

Improved performance – With capabilities to support newer-gen processors and other hardware, Windows 12 will naturally be faster than its predecessors. This should allow tangible performance improvements, especially for resource-hogging tasks such as gaming, digital rendering, etc.

Lower carbon footprint – Even in Windows 11, a number of features have been introduced that reduce power and battery consumption. Things will be improved further with Windows 12. This will be in line with Microsoft’s commitment to reduce the carbon footprint associated with its devices and software systems. Last but not least, Windows 12 will have more customization options for users. Microsoft has often been blamed for not providing adequate personalization options. This could see a dramatic change with Windows 12.

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