Major update Microsoft

Windows 10 2004 Major update Microsoft 2020

Windows 10 2004, the next major update of the Microsoft operating system whose arrival is expected by spring 2020, is already under development. If you want to know some of the features that you will find in this new version, pay attention because we tell you what its main novelties are.

The next big update of Windows 10 comes loaded with changes and new features. The first novelty is the name: the Redmond company decided to modify the nomenclature of the versions, and instead of calling it Windows 10 April 2020 Update or Windows 11 May 2020 Update, it decided to name it Windows 10 2004. Another of the changes expected is that, instead of offering a single update package as it has been doing so far, Microsoft could bet on a separate download system in order to avoid compatibility problems, errors, and failures. This year they have brought the company head. If you want to know about Windows 12 release date

Major update Microsoft

5 Windows 10 laptops under € 200 that you can buy at Amazon

These are five basic laptops that you can buy at Amazon and that already come with Windows 10 factory preinstalled. Now we go over some of the new features of Windows 10 2004 that we have been knowing in recent months through the users of the Windows Insider program. All of them can be seen in the next update.

New update section for device drivers. You will no longer have to access the device manager to manage the drivers, and these updates will not be installed automatically. You can check the new versions of the drivers by tapping on the option See optional updates in Settings> Windows Update.

New features for the task manager. The Windows 10 task manager will have two new features: one to see the type of disk and another to control the temperature of the GPU. Consumption of Windows Search resources. To prevent problems with high disk consumption or CPU by Windows Search, a new algorithm will detect disk usage and activity and slow down the Windows indexer if necessary.

Speed up Windows Update

New options to speed up Windows Update. Windows 10 2004 will arrive with new options that will allow the user to set a specific speed to speed up Windows Update.  Goodbye password. Microsoft is testing the login without a password, which will allow access using multifactor authentication, for example by fingerprint and a PIN. News in Cortana. The Windows 10 update will bring a new interface for Cortana similar to a chat that will allow you to interact with the wizard to open applications, create reminders, and other options. In addition, it will have improved performance and a less intrusive initial screen.

Windows search improvements. We will find improved typographical corrections in the search for applications and configurations. In addition, it will also show suggestions to optimize the best-related results. Reset the PC from the cloud. Windows 10 can be reinstalled from the cloud, so you don’t need to have a local copy of the operating system.

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