Windows 11

Stylish Makeover for Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft introduced windows 11 the Snip & Sketch tool, which, apart from a stylistic adaptation to the new look of windows, did not receive a functional upgrade. Users who often take screenshots are probably already using a lot more practical tools, one of the best is definitely PicPick, which also handles full contents of a window that is not visible to us on the screen and you would have to rotate the mouse wheel to view it and “glue” multiple screenshots together. PicPick bets on convenience when we capture a screenshot, allows us to send it via email, Skype or Microsoft Office applications or share it on Facebook. Of course, there is no lack of a variety of screenshot editing tools, with the addition of comments and various markup. PicPick literally handles screenshots.

Windows 11

Faster program switching

We already mentioned the Alt + Tab shortcut in this post, and the ntwind software company has made a much more elegant Alt Tab Terminator applet, which further extends this functionality. In the upper left corner, it shows icons of open programs, and on the right side a larger preview of the contents of their windows. This makes it faster to identify the program you would like to use, and again it can be accessed with the Alt + Tab key combination or with the click of a mouse. The settings can also be used to set the size of the windows 12 iso display, and besides each window, we also have a Close button that closes the selected program, and the Terminate button literally interrupts its execution.

Windows 11 Microsoft Office applications

I you really want  update your windows then you must download windows 11 iso from the official Microsoft website. We’ve quickly gotten used to using tabs in web browsers, so it’s a little frustrating that Microsoft didn’t embed this functionality right into Windows itself. With Group, which is unfortunately payable and costs just under $ 5, this is also possible – but then we have a windows operating system that really deserves a Windows 11 title which operates for 30 days. Group is insanely easy to use – simply dragging one program window over another and an Insert into group here message already appears, and after that, a group of two or more programs is created. In this way, we can combine a web site in a browser, a text editor and a calculator, which we use for common tasks. We switch between groups of programs using the Windows + ‘keyboard shortcut (we can also change this in the settings). If we have Microsoft Office applications in the application group, they will be opened with the most recently opened documents (or where we last saved the group settings) when the group is activated. Unfortunately, this does not (yet) work for all other applications, for example, Chrome will be waiting for us with a blank new tab. This is how Groupy can edit our desktop. Anyone dealing with a range of programs at once will quickly realize that $ 5 is well invested. you can go through new microsoft windows 11 to get some advance features.

Window 11 features

Windows 11 completely redesigned operating system

Of course, a completely redesigned operating system also deserves a new look and feel. While Windows 10 does allow us to change our desktop background, Windows 11 download free from Microsoft. it limits us to just a few options. Rain meter , which allows us to fully customize the look of the operating system, comes to these limitations. What’s more, various add-ons can be added to the desktop, e.g. buttons to quickly launch applications or an applet that shows us how to use system resources. Rain meter has a bunch of user-generated systems and desktop layouts, and many more can be found in DeviantArt. With Windows 12 Rain meter, you will no longer be able to recognize it at first glance or second glance, so it can do a thorough style transformation.

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