How to write root on the Degree

How to write root on the Degree symbol with keyboard

The Word text editor (as well as Excel) also has a corresponding character table that can be used for our tasks. You can find it by going to the “Insert” tab, and clicking on the “Symbol” on the right, and then clicking on the inscription “Other Symbols” just below, this will help you in solving the problem of writing the root in Word. You can also use the “Formula” option in the “Insert” tab according to the algorithm described in this video.

How to write root on the Degree

How to indicate the root of 3.4.5 degrees on the keyboard

This may also raise the question of how to write to indicate the square root on the keyboard and others like them. For example, the root of the 3.4.5 degree on the keyboard can be written like this:

X1 / 3

X1 / 4

X1 / 5

Or so:

3√X (instead of the number 3 you can use the corresponding notation from the symbol table (³)



At the same time, despite the fact that the system has an image of the cube root ∛ and the fourth root ∜, they cannot be typed through Alt and the number keys will fail. This is only possible with the decimal system codes HTML code (& # 8731 and & # 8732) and Unicode hexadecimal (& # x221B and & # x221C). For me, it’s better to use the notation forms described by me just above.


In this material I have described different options for how to write root on the keyboard of your computer. The most impatient can use the sign, but it will be more accurate and more correct, nevertheless, to use the key combination Alt + 251, and put the root sign as it is indicated in accordance with the generally recognized standard for characters.

How to write the power of a number | Do it yourself

The exponent of the number in the usual with every school the designation is written on the tiny figure of approximately tier height of the erected in the degree number. To depict this in any text editor that does not support the function of formatting the text will not work without the use of special fonts. However, methods for recording the degrees of numbers for applications with a wide variety of mapping probabilities exist.

Instruction manual

  1. To write numbers in degrees in simple text editors (say, in Notepad Windows), it is customary to use the notation that first appeared in the BASIC programming language. A sign bearing the name “circumflex” is placed between the number and its degree.

To look at the record, say, of the number 5297 to the seventh degree when applied, it will look like this: 52977 To enter circumflex, you need to switch the keyboard layout to the English version and press the SHIFT + 6 key combination.

  1. For more advanced editors, there is no need to use a special character. Their ability to shift the baseline of individual characters relative to the rest allows you to display the degree of the number by the method that has become familiar over the past three hundred years.

Such editors have buttons in the interface for switching the lettering to the mode of upper and lower indices (“superscript” and “subscript” characters). Say, in the Microsoft Word 2007 text editor, an icon with an X image in a square is placed in the menu in the “Main” section, in the “Font” section. In order to use it, you need to select a number indicating the degree of the number, and click this icon.

  1. In HTML-documents, it is also allowed to use the usual designation of the latex degree symbol of number introduced by Descartes . To do this, the HTML language (HyperText Markup Language – “Hypertext Markup Language”) provides the appropriate command (tag) – sup. The number indicating the degree must be placed between the opening () and closing () tags.

Say, a fragment of HTML-code with writing the number 5297 to the seventh degree, in the initial code of the document will look like this: 52977 the opposite (lower) index in the hypertext markup language is obtained by putting numbers and letters between the opening and closiing tag.

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