GTA VI, the next return to Vice City by Rockstar Games on PC

Rockstar Games is not going to stay only with GTA V to live on income knowing the potential of the most mediatic sandbox in the history of video games and it is finally official that they are working on GTA VI (provisional name): “the development for the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series is underway.”

This study usually takes it very calmly between each installment of its main saga, with periods of between four and five years, as happened with the last GTA IV in 2008 and the aforementioned GTA V in 2013 , so it should not be many years until its release. And that many things will change in the future. click here for gta 6 pc cheats


GTA VI: launch on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

The most rumored around the launch of Grand Theft Auto VI is that it will be an exclusive next-generation game , so the new PS5 and Xbox Series X | S , with a probable adaptation to PC, perhaps not for the same day, but shortly after, as happened with the fifth chapter, already in 2015.

This is due to the fact that Rockstar Games has been launching first on consoles for some time and then on compatible ones, in this case doubting whether it will do so on Steam or already on the Epic Games Store , where GTA V was given away for a week .

And what about the date? Several rumors point to 2025 at the latest, while others speak of a launch for 2024. The theory that reinforces this last framework comes from Take-Two’s financial report after acquiring the mobile company Zynga. When referring to the high estimates for 2024 , several expert analysts point out that this is because they will launch a very important game that year and everything indicates that it would be the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 …

Meanwhile, the only sure thing is that Rockstar will release the enhanced adaptation of GTA V to PS5 and Xbox Series in 2022 , as announced at a Sony event, with Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition to kill time. And that the launch of that classic trilogy has not lived up to its legend.


News regarding its development

As we found out in April 2020 , this Grand Theft Auto will be more restrained in its content and will grow over time through regular updates. The main goal seems to be to mitigate the stress and crunch that studio employees suffered from the massive Red Dead Redemption 2 .

It does not mean that it will not be a large GTA, but that it will probably not be as ambitious as its fifth installment was, with three protagonists and, therefore, three intertwined stories. And with a content that has not stopped being renewed during all these years, with millionaire sales .

It should be remembered, on the other hand, that Dan Houser , one of the founders of the studio and writer of the GTA saga and other Rockstar Games productions, left the ship on March 11, 2020 , after more than 20 years of work.


Grand Theft Auto: Project Americas. Vice City?

One of the most extensive alleged leaks took place in early 2018, where it was dropped that its code name would be Project Americas . Our role will be that of an aspiring drug trafficker named Ricardo, moving through the iconic Vice City of the unforgettable Grand Theft Auto: Vice City released in 2002.

It is the most repeated rumor, the return to Vice City as the starting point for a new installment where its narrative would be enhanced following a style similar to that of series such as Narcos . In this sense, Max Payne 3 is also mentioned about his dive. In addition, we would also travel to South America, respecting their language.

Its setting would take us to the 70s and 80s, experiencing changes in those two decades, not only in terms of the songs that were played, but also the appearance of the buildings, the vehicles… And as a curiosity, a young man is mentioned Martin Madrazo, whom we saw in GTA V as the leader of a Mexican cartel.

Something similar comes from another leaker from Twitter , repeating that Rockstar liked Max Payne 3’s Brazil and that the prologue of GTA 6 would take us there, but in 2003, to witness the death of the parents of the protagonists in charge of the cartels, moving the action later to the future, with those children already as adults in search of revenge. And beware, there will supposedly be destructive elements on the map and it will be modified based on the story. That sound good.

On the other hand, we have recently seen how a very small fragment of its map was leaked on 4chan, with two practically united islands. We won’t know if it will end up being part of the game, but we shouldn’t forget that Red Dead Redemption 2’s map was leaked before its release … Anything is possible.

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