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GTA Online: Nightclub Bonuses, New Vehicles, Discounts & More

This week GTA Online, the successful multiplayer Grand Theft Auto V, dresses up to reward all nightclub owners. Of course, the other players are not forgotten because there will also be bonuses, advantages, rewards and discounts in many other aspects of multiplayer , as well as new vehicles that we can win, buy or test. you can download gta 6 game click here!

GTA Online

As for the bonuses, the one that stands out the most is the one that offers a 50% more bonus in daily income for nightclub owners in GTA Online, in addition to double the fame in all the promotion missions and double the speed in the production of warehouse merchandise. On the other hand, those who have a biker club will also be able to enjoy a 50% bonus GTA$ and RP on all sales missions. If you’re more into Adversary Modes, you can get Quadruple GTA$ & RP this week in Cross the Line.


There are not only bonuses, but also free stuff. For one thing, nightclubs will offer free drinks at open bars, something that also applies to The Diamond Casino & Resort. On the other hand, those who complete biker club sell missions will get the green square glasses completely free, while those who complete a merchandise sell mission will receive a white patterned robe. Of course, and as usual, we remind you that if you are a member of Prime Gaming you will receive 100,000 free GTA$ this week just for playing, as long as you have the account linked to the Social Club.


Finally, below you can see the lists of vehicles and discounts available this week in GTA Online:

Vehicles of the week in GTA Online. click here for gta 6 setup download


Wheel of Fortune Grand Prize: The Benefactor Schlagen GT.


Prize Vehicle: Earn the Dinka Jester Classic for placing in the LS Car Meet race series 4 days in a row.

Test vehicles: the Übermacth Revolter, the Enus Jubilee and the Vulcar Warrener HKR.


On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S: Hao’s premium test vehicle is the Pfister Astron Custom.


Discounts of the week in GTA Online


Business discounts: 50% on bunker transport (Caddy 1 + 2), 40% on nightclub security upgrade, and 30% on biker clubhouses and executive office accommodation.

Vehicle Discount: 30% off Übermacht SC1, 40% off Enus Stafford, Turreted Limo and Vapid Flash GT, 50% off Patriot Stretch and Lampadati Tropos Rallye, and 60% off custom MTL Pounder.


GTA Online is giving away GTA$150,000 to those who win three rounds of ‘Extraction’


GTA Online, the Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer, has been updated to receive new bonuses, rewards, vehicles, gifts and discounts. As we can read in the Rockstar Newswire in Spanish , shared by Rockstar Games on its official blog, one of the most outstanding advantages is that those who win three rounds of Extraction this week will get 150,000 GTA$ as a bonus (it will be delivered in the following 72 hours).


Even if you don’t win, it’s worth spending time on Extraction this week, because every match we play we’ll be getting triple GTA$ & RP during these days. There are also special bonuses on Special Vehicle Jobs (Double GTA$ & RP) and Bunker Research Speed, which will double this week. If you don’t have time to play but don’t want to miss out on your reward, remember that just for logging into GTA Online this week you get a free black H&L logo t-shirt .


As for vehicles, this week’s roulette prize is the Obey Tailgater S, while the prize for winning seven street races is the Grotti Turismo Classic. If you want to test new vehicles, this week you can get behind the wheel of the Declasse Granger 3600 LX, Enus Deity and Dinka RT3000. In addition, there is an additional test vehicle for users who already own the next-gen version of GTA Online on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S: the Principe Deveste Eight is Hao’s premium test vehicle, which will also give us a time trial located between the Ron Alternates wind farm and Elysian Island.


Of course, this week there will also be special discounts on GTA Online. These are the offers that you can take advantage of:

Business Discounts: 30% off Vehicle Depots and Special Merchandise Depots, and 50% off Bunker and Biker Club Supplies

Vehicle Discounts: 30% off the Coil Rocket Voltic, 40% off the Declasse Weaponized Tampa, Karin Sultan RS Classic, HVY Nightshark, Karin Technical Aqua, and Emperor ETR1, plus 50% off the Pegassi Torero

Finally, we remind you that those who connect their Social Club accounts with Prime Gaming will get a bonus of GTA$100,000 for playing at any time this week.



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