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Game platforms have a large audience in the hands of Google has mobilized. Epic Games started to attract users by making a serious debut before the launch of Steam’s monopoly. Finally came information about Google stadia download. Google’s monthly hardware regardless of where you can play games in return for a fee Stadia gaming platform Google’s explanation was made about the arrival date and prices in India. So, when is Google Stadia running? How much will Google stadia download be? Here is the answer.

When is it running?

Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh recently noted that Google stadia for pc will be available on November 19, 2019. That big day came. Users will now be able to meet the platform they have been waiting for months.

Google Stadia Cost

How much will the service cost?

For the time being, Google has signed up to a dozen games for the official opening. Front subscribers will also be able to benefit from a free subscription for 3 months. Google stadia download monthly standard subscription (Stadia Pro) will be $ 10. Stadia will also be able to play games for free, but games can be played at a lower resolution. Stadia will work on the Chromecast Ultra device, which is Google’s applications platform on televisions, and through the Chrome browser on computers and phones.

Google stadia for pc launch tomorrow will offer players to games, which was announced last week. The fact that the cloud-based gaming service would come with only 12 games was interpreted as a weak launch. Stadia, however, has already begun to expand the game list by responding to expectations.

The same system exists in EA Access

Those who wonder what Google stadia pc looks like will be more familiar with those who use EA Access. To sum up, consider a game platform and have certain games on it. Is it possible to play all of these games individually? Possible and small figures with these systems. It is possible to have all of the games by paying a certain price per month. Thus the game world becomes shareable and the enjoyment of the unlimited world becomes another.

When it comes to India?

Google stadia download for pc will be available in 14 countries in the first phase. These are the USA, Canada, England, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy. Belgium, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Denmark. Stadia is not known when the future of India. The reason why not in India, according to a statement from Google to 720p / 60fps experience to 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload, you have 35 Mbps download speed to play in 4K. Unfortunately, this system has no infrastructure to handle services in India. Google’s cloud-based game streaming platform, Google Stadia, was announced at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) last March. From what we’ve learned so far, a pretty good gaming service is waiting for us. However, there are question marks in the heads about the details of the service. Google’s official Stadia Twitter account answers all of these three questions ” this summer “. That’s why we’ll be able to learn more about the platform in the next few months. At the E3 event, which will begin on June 11th, Google will also be able to present some details about Google stadia for pc, however.

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