Beyerdynamic MMX 100

Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Headphone review and price

The Beyerdynamic MMX 100 is a wired, shut back simple gaming headset – and one that gives an intriguing option in contrast to the Beyerdynamic MM 150. Where the more costly MM 150 is intended to deal with a PC with a USB association, the MMX 100 rather utilizes 3.5mm links, making it viable with additional gadgets.

Beyerdynamic MMX 100


However, the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 commitments premium studio-quality sound with drivers tuned explicitly for gamers by the organization’s architects.


Thus, on the off chance that you need exact sound for gaming meetings without burning through every last cent, this may be a choice.


However, how can it hold up being used? We’ve been gaming with this headset to find out.


The Beyerdynamic MMX 100 is one more incredible gaming headset from the brand.


This isn’t just more reasonable than different headsets on offer, but at the same time it’s perfect at the cost, as well.


Being used, the MMX 100 flaunts a rich soundscape with an incredible sounding bass and charming sound reach. The soundscape is exact for FPS gaming, and lovely on the ears for music and films, as well.


This is adjusted with a phenomenal mouthpiece. The main disadvantage for us, truly, is the size of the earcups, which are a touch excessively little for our enjoying.


The principal thing that struck us about the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 headset is the plan of the earcups. This headset has a shut back plan with extravagant adaptable padding padded earcups and a false calfskin external. The consequence of this blend is an incredible inactive clamor retraction that blocks out a respectable measure of encompassing ecological commotion and allows you just to zero in on your game.


The MMX 100 likewise has 40mm drivers, which the organization cases can help convey ‘studio-quality’ sound.


We positively partook in a rich soundscape with enjoyably warm bass and a lot of punch. This is a sound system gaming headset, so there’s no virtual encompass sound as standard (however you can utilize Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic Sound), yet the MMX 100 conveys enjoyably exact gaming sound.


It’s similarly punchy for paying attention to music or watching films – and positively kind with the ears.


Our problem, nonetheless, is the size of the earcups. For our purposes, they’re somewhat excessively little, and the round shape implies they will quite often crush your ears a little during long gaming meetings. They’re effectively removable, however, so might actually be overhauled.


All things considered, the cinching force is astoundingly adjusted, and the pivots that hold the earcups slant pleasantly to fit the state of your head.


The headband is pleasantly extendable and adaptable, as well, so getting a solid match is simple. At 296g, the MMX 100 is genuinely light, and it unquestionably doesn’t burden you during the day. There’s some decent cushioning on the headband, so that assists with the solace, also.


With respect to availability, we’ve previously referenced that the MMX 100 purposes 3.5mm. It has two links remembered for the case – a short single 3.5mm link for use on a control center or different things, and a more drawn out split 3.5mm that interfaces with both receiver and earphone jacks on your PC.


These are pleasant quality links with an interlaced completion. They’re removable, as well, so you can trade them out contingent upon how you’re utilizing the headset, which is a reward.


One disadvantage, however, is we found that the links rub too effectively against your dress and that sound can be heard in the headset earcup.


What’s more, assuming you’re truly energized, it’s likewise gotten by the amplifier, which is not great.


The headset has a simple access volume haggle quiet button situated on the earcup, however, which surely adds accommodation to the plan while playing.


Like the MMX 150, this model games a meta voice mouthpiece that disposes of foundation commotion as well as conveys a characteristic sound.


A strong case, yet unquestionably one we viewed as evident. This headset has an incredible sounding receiver and one that doesn’t sound compacted or sloppy like other mics on lesser headsets.

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