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write - Write For Us

Paris GDC is welcoming new writers into our fold! Our staff writers have enjoyed quite a career with us—leading into a massive readership! We would like to offer our readers more discussions that they can cut their teeth into. As such, we would like to add more writers as a part of our team.

Do you like to write?

We do not require professional experience in our writers. We only need a pre-existing drive and clear motivation to finish tasks on time. We need writers who can be trusted to deliver wholly unique and conversational articles. We do not believe in hampering creative wings. Our writers have freedom to write about the angles that they like.

Our only requirement is that everything be above board ethically.

Do you like poker?

Poker is a pretty great game whether or you look at it from a casual or professional perspective. In order to write about it well, it is important that there be an organic interest in it. This is a great opportunity for those who are poker enthusiasts and would like to write about it.

What’s great about poker is that there are so many things to write about! If you are not an established writer but are willing to practice doing so, writing for us is a good exercise.

If you believe that you would like to write for Paris GDC, you can let us know by giving us a call at 435-459-9013. Don’t forget to look for Jason!