Where to Play: Useful Resources

resources - Where to Play: Useful Resources

Paris is a beautiful city. Not only do you get to experience old world architecture, world class food, and one of a kind accommodation—you also get to play various tables! If you are in town and have not the foggiest idea on where you can catch and indulge in some proper poker, let us help you with that.

Below are some links to places where you can find poker in Paris. We consider both live games and online games as poker. As such, be guided accordingly. If they do not link to the places themselves, they will be useful resources that you can use to locate poker rooms in Paris!

Cercle Clichy Montmartre

One of the oldest rooms available where you can experience elegance and creative sport! Attire is proper so no shorts or denim in this place. There is a number and an address listed in the site so you can follow up on it for more updated schedules and rates.

Poker Listings

The beauty about online poker is that you can play it from almost anywhere. This directory can lead you to your next regular online poker room. Use the listing to study up on which room you would want to be in. There are options to play with real world money or just digital chips.

Do you have any resources that you rely on? Where did you find the Paris room that you play at? Send us a message and share your resource so we can keep this page updated!