About Paris GDC

Welcome to Paris GDC—where poker is our home!

Poker, as you may know, is a card game that has generated a lot of interest through the years. It is a social activity that helped to build relationships that started revolutions. That may sound a little melodramatic but reality has always been much stranger than fiction.

This is particularly true in Paris, France where the embers of the revolution were planted and kindled. Other than poker, you can tell that we enjoy immersing ourselves in history and culture. When you read our articles, you can trust that you will be treated to more than just discussions about poker.

Our writers come from a variety of backgrounds but all share a massive love for the game and its many nuances. There is so much to write about and our team is completely passionate about bringing you these details. You can exactly monthly discussions that cover a wide range of angles about poker and the people who play it.

If you have any particularly specialized questions or any concerns about Parisian poker, you can reach us through 435-459-9013. We encourage questions as we believe that is one of the key components in reawakening the deep relationship that Paris holds with Poker.

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